Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Quiet Examination of the Wonder of Being Alive

I love quiet picture books.

I love picture books in which not much happens, and yet, so much happens.

I love picture books that make me feel strong emotions, but do so almost without my noticing.

I love picture books that make me laugh through tears.

I love picture books that make me heave a big sigh, and say "Wow," a little breathlessly, when I've turned the last page.

I love a picture book whose most powerful action is the side-by-side beating of my heart and the heart of the main character.

The books I come back to again and again are each a quiet examination of the wonder of being alive. They are about the things that happen to us and around us all the time, even when we're too busy to notice. 

A quiet picture book gives us a minute to slow down, take note, feel awe, and appreciate being alive.

Happy spring everyone!



  1. What a delight to see so many of my favorite books together. What a lovely post.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it Joy. These are among my very favorites!